Corona Virus Update (COVID-19)

Dear All,

We will try and do everything possible to give our clients/partners the same high-

quality service they are used to receive. 

Nevertheless we will have to fight against the Corona-monster but life 

must go on.

At this moment, all staff-members, except accountancy, are still active in the office. 

All possible safety and security measures to protect our people have been 

taken in order to keep Corona out:  perimeters, disinfection gels, gloves, 

masks, etc. ..  We cannot accept any visits or invitations for the time being.

If the situation gets worse, other actions will be taken. There is a possibility that

our staff, or a part of it, will have to work from home. If this is the case, we 

will see to it that our activities can go on as usual.

We stay completely at your service and will keep you informed.

Have a nice, Corona-free day.

Dirk Scheir

Managing Director

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